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Do not spend your life
wasting time.

With Truth your life becomes more agile. Sign documents and contracts digitally within seconds with the security and reliability of Blockchain technology.

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Save time, money and leave paperwork aside.

Signing documents, picking up queues, authenticating, recognizing, signing, filing, mailing, physically storing contracts. All this creates unnecessary cost and waste of time. The time has come for you to have at your side, what is most modern for registration and authenticity of information: the blockchain system. No more bureaucracy and sign contracts and documents in a few seconds and with the reliability that only Truth and blockchain technology can offer you.


Make up to 5 digital signatures of documents or registry of authenticity for free per month.

Need more?

Count on the best cost benefit in the market and subscribe from $9,99 per month or pay only $0,99 per single document.

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Have a Truth to call yours

Each digital signature and/or authenticity registry is named Truth.That is, to choose the subscription plan that best fits your profile, keep in mind how many Truth you need per month.

How it works?

Send the file to be signed or create a new template

Upload the file that will be digitally signed, or create a document with custom fields, right in Truth .

Indicate who will sign and the responsibility of each

Fill in the e-mail of the signatories and witnesses of each one within the document, including: sign, testify, approve or acknowledge receipt. Each document can have as many signers as you want.

Choose the location of the signatures

Customize where your signature and that of other signatories will appear in the document. Include electronic signature markings on the sides and in the document footer, if desired.

Send the document to signature

Each signer will receive a unique link so that they can read and sign the document directly from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Rest assured, we’ll let you know as soon as the document is signed.

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Do not depend on notary offices anymore. Streamline your life and save money with Truth, the future of document records

Making a registry of authenticity of something is a way to ensure the originality of a document, idea or project. It is also a way to protect against copying or plagiarism. Protect your creation (be it a literary text, a project, a song or any artistic manifestation, for example), quickly and safely with Truth.

Benefits and fraud protection

By registering the authenticity of your own documents you are ensuring the originality of your ideas, since the records made on theTruth’s blockchain are immutable, they cannot be altered by anyone under any circumstances.

Safer and about 50% to 90% cheaper compared to the same service in traditional registry offices, you get intellectual property proof protection, taking advantage of the technology that has come to change the world, the

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Blockchain identity

Have a unique, personal and non-transferable registry inTruth’s blockchain. It is this identity – encrypted and protected from change – that ensures that you own what you register. Each user has a unique identity.


With Truth you can digitally store your signed and registered documents on our platform with the security and reliability of blockchain technology. You can access your file at any time or download it. See the available storage quota according to your subscription.

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Check out some testimonials from users of our service:
"I used Truth to register authenticity in a contract we made with a company and because it was the first time I used the service, I found it easy and practical."
Tiago Trabachini
"Truth eliminates the burocracy and fair price in digitally signing documents and records of authenticity! Truth is simply formidable!"
José Luiz
"Innovative and disruptive the way Lunes handles records, meets today's market needs that are increasingly demanding agility with security and low costs. Opening the team to exchange ideas and feedbacks, together the technology used will soon raise Lunes to great heights. "
Pedro Leandro Daltoé
Support IT Analist
Be notified about the whole process

Each signer will receive a unique link so that they can read and sign the document directly from their computer, smartphone or tablet. Rest assured, we’ll let you know as soon as the document is signed.

Digitally signed documents have legal validity

Sign documents without fear! In many countries, digital signatures have legal validity. Consult your country’s laws and regulatory standards.

Blockchain Reliability

Your digitally signed documents are registered in a blockchain of your own, ensuring the security of your data and that they will not be tampered with.

Excellent cost benefit

In the free plan, you can have up to 5 contracts or digitally signed documents per month. If you exceed, you only pay $ 0.99 per additional document.

Ease of payment

Choose how you want to pay for your documents: ticket, credit card or Monday. Easy, fast and safe.

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Contact the Lunes Truth Team by email [email protected] or send us a whatsapp text message by clicking here.